Why buy a golf resort property in Spain?

Most of the reasons may seem obvious - the weather is better, the courses are always open ( what's a winter green?? ), the way of life is more relaxed, I can rent out my property when I'm not using it........... But is this too good to be true?. No we don't think it is, but please ask yourself some questions first.

Preliminary considerations

The decision to buying a property in Spain is something very personal and it depends on multitude of factors. It is very important, before jumping in with both feet, to consider seriously what you hope to achieve, and when you hope to achieve it. Don't start looking until you know what you are looking for, and until you are ready to go ahead. A little forward planning will give you a clearer idea of what you want, where you want it, and what you can afford. It will also save you an awful lot of time and wasted effort. Ask yourself the following questions: Where? - What? - When? - Wealth?

WHERE - Deciding on the location.

It is a good idea to take time to explore the Murcia region before deciding on what resort to buy. Take a couple of weeks holiday and try and get to know what it's like both on and off the resorts. Try Murcia in the winter or spring time and discover what living in Spain is really all about, explore the pretty towns, try the local restaurants, have a round or two of golf, look round the resorts ( but remember we guarantee to beat any deal you may find ). Do you want your resort property to be in the town, just on the edge of town or away from it all in the countryside?

WHAT- Deciding the type of property.

Establish as far as possible exactly what you are looking for. Is it a holiday apartment, a detached villa, a link house? Will you live permanently or will you rent? Do you need a swimming pool? How many bedrooms do you need? Etc. etc.

WHEN - Deciding time scales.

If you plan to buy your property within the next six months then now is the time to start looking. If its going to be more than six months, concentrate on finding the best general area rather than seek out individual properties. If you're not ready to buy then don't waste your own and others time by looking until you are.

WEALTH - Calculating the budget.

It is pretty obvious you need to know how much you have to spend, and how much you can afford. Whether or not you need to arrange a mortgage. If this is likely to be a requirement then it would be wise to arrange this, at least in principle before you go too far. It is also worth familiarising yourself with the property market in general as far as you can to get a feel for the prices. £150,000 might buy a nice three-bedroom villa on one resort, whilst in another you might need twice that amount for a similar property. Bear in mind also that in your budget you should allow for Taxes, Legal and Notary fees, which can amount to quite a significant figure maybe as much as 10% of the purchase price, depending upon the sale value the property. When you have considered carefully all the points described above you should be confidently able to complete the essential elements of the preliminary plan: E.G..
  • WHERE: 1st Choice Murcia - 2nd Choice Rojales
  • WHAT: 2/3 Bedroom villa with pool with course views
  • WHEN: Ready to move in June
  • WEALTH: Maximum price 200,000€
  • Near to shops,
  • Close to the Pub.
  • Must be in a quiet area,
  • Must have double garage, to fit both the Jag and the Porsche.
  • Not too many steps for John's bad knees,
  • etc. etc.
Finally if you have decided a golf resort property is right for you, contact us and lets go and find your new property.
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